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Thread: Introducing Bruno

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    Default Introducing Bruno

    Hi All

    I have the great pleasure in introducing Bruno.
    I have adopted Bruno from The Dogs Trust last Monday.
    He is a 5 - 7 year old Black Lab.
    The poor lad was dropped off at the centre with the words 'take him or I'll dump him'
    You can imagine my thoughts on these sort of people.

    He has one problem and that is he is pretty much totally blind, he sees some very contrasting large objects. But little else.
    When you look at him his eyes are 100% dilated.

    What an absolute character he is, he just wants to be loved. As usual with Labs, very strong willed and physically strong too.
    Faye our current Lab is currently in the 'Bog Off I'm not interested' phase she is getting better and will take a while, she will love him soon enough.

    A couple of photo's below. His first, though not last trip to the beach.

    Andy - SDDW

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    nice dog.. i used to have a black lab.. great dogs with slobbery mouths lol
    Grant .... ؠ

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    Great stuff and the best of luck.

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    Bless him. Well done adopting him.

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    I'm Andy.


    Hi Guys

    Cheers for your comments.
    Sat here at the PC and he is curled up at my feet, always in close contact with some one.
    Apologies for not posting a warning about the impossibly White paste legs in photo No2
    Andy - SDDW

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    Bruno is such a handsome chap. He's lucky to find you to rescue him, animals with health issues are so hard to rehome. All the very best to you and your new family member.
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    What a lovely looking dog, well done mate on taking him on, sure he will love you unconditionally for it.

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    I'm Andy.


    Hi Ben

    Sorry I missed this one during the week.
    Bruno is a great lad, and settling in quite nicely too.
    Faye my 12year old Black Lab is getting use to him not, still some Lip Curling on occasions. He just want to be loved. Which he gets plenty of here in The Donkey Stables.
    He's a strong willed lad, though getting use to the house rules.
    With him being blind, if he realises now one is close by he panics a bit. Not much but just needs a bit of re-assurance.

    It has been a good decision to adopt him, it does bother me that someone would have dumped him if Dogs Trust hadn't taken him in.
    Been out this morning on the beach, which he loves and there's plenty for him to sniff at and pee on.

    Cheers all for you comments
    Andy - SDDW

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    Well done for taking him on, labs are just the best. Had to have mine put to sleep a couple of weeks ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ali Tait View Post
    Well done for taking him on, labs are just the best. Had to have mine put to sleep a couple of weeks ago.
    Hi Ali

    Most sorry to hear of your loss a few weeks ago. It's not an easy time, but all the years of fun and joy you have with them far outweighs the sadness.
    I had the same when we had to have Cookie our Chocolate Lab put to sleep, she was Faye's best pal and had her for over 10 years.
    It was an honor and privilege to have had her in my life, the same goes for Faye and Bruno ( even after such a short time of 4 weeks)

    Bruno is currently having a kip (and loud snore) after a trip to the beach this morning. Faye doing the same.
    Andy - SDDW

    Electrical Engineer - Bio-Mass Power Station

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