Hello, Iím Rob & hereís a brief outline of me & my musical tastes (& hi fi set up).
Despite a life long love of all decent ( imo) types of recorded music & getting to gigs , Iíve only recently got into the confusing world of decent hi fi seperates ( as opposed to a standard ďmusic centreĒ set up )
Iíve an Audio Technica AT LP 120 X usb turntable , a Denon DAB/CD receiver/player , a Denon DN-A 100 Amp allied to some Gale floorstanders ( Iíve got some decent Mission bookshelf speakers as well )
Iím pretty happy with the set up , but I want to gradually improve my set up .
Iím into pretty well most things in a 6music sense , Punk, Reggae,Dub reggae,Soul, Indie, Metal, Ambient,
anything half decent .
Thatís me & my stuff in a nutshell, best wishes, Rob .