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Thread: Isolation tweak.

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    Default Isolation tweak.

    A simple solution to isolating your equipment.

    For each piece of equipment, you will need a pack of 4 "floor protectors" for table/chair legs, 4 tennis balls, a 400mm square by 30mm
    cement slab and a heavy and dense damping material (I used a 600mm square by 20mm thick mat used for a washing machine cut to various
    sizes for speaker stands etc.)

    1 floor protector with a tennis ball in it near each corner of the slab with a section of the mat material under spike-less speaker stands and subwoofer (in my case)
    on top of the slab and bingo speaker isolation from the room.

    Far better imaging and happy downstairs neighbors.

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    Good tip that...thanks!

    A happy neighbour means more music...so cool.
    I enjoy Hifi n stuff...

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    Bet that looks lovely in your living room

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    Tennis balls; that's a smashing idea ! Odd that it reduces the racket, though.

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    I used to use doggie balls in floor protectors under my Garrard 401’s slate plinth system. There is no chance that the deck will go out of level as doggie balls are solid.

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