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Thread: Morcheeba - Big Calm

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    Default Morcheeba - Big Calm

    Oh my word, having played this to near death back in 1997 I have just dug it out for a spin. I recently disposed of my vinyl collection so was glad I also had this on CD and am I pleased to rediscover it. Power amp in triode mode with a bit of bottom end from the sub, bloody sublime music. Lights out, just a glow from the street and the valves and pure, stunning music of a very high calibre. In fact this album made me also dig out the first two Zero 7 albums as well. Total chillout...

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    I've got one called 'The Platinum Collection' which I will have gotten cheap and have never played. Maybe I should give it a go.
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    Yes , was a big fan in the 90s , also recently streamed big calm sounded as good as ever.

    I saw them playing a festival one year with much of this album as material they were bloody marvellous.

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    Good call! Been looking for something a little different from my normal preference. Have it streaming through the hifi right now.

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    Been a big fan since they started. I think their 4th album Charrango is my favourite. I didn't like it when Skye (the singer) was "ousted" so I see The Antidote and Dive Deep as not really Morcheeba, but still good albums (especially the two Judy Tzuke tracks on Dive Deep.) They were on at Glastonbury last night, but not been able to find any clips online yet.

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    The only one I really like is post #2.

    The Glasto coverage this year just sucks. Dreadful yesterday especially iPlayer just not working properly.
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