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Sincerely Steve, I do not doubt your integrity in posting this for one moment but .....
How do you explain me getting an e-mail notification about a post which never subsequently appeared (example available) and frequent ocassions when, having received e-mail notification of a posting, more or less immediate hitting of the forum New Posts button shows no such post, though they (usually ) do appear a short while later?
I am genuinely interested in this phenomenon if it does not involve human action.
Dave, I have never seen what you are referring to, on this (or other forums that use the same "engine") - normally, you would only receive email notifications about "subscribed threads" once a day (around 7am in my case for AOS) and the post appears immediately. Maybe you have changed your Defaults? Check under "User CP" > "Edit Options" and scroll down to "Messaging & Notification". In the second "box" - "Default Thread Subscription Mode" what is the drop-down value set to? The default is "Daily Email Notification" which produces the behaviour described above. My suspicion is that this has been changed to "Instant Email Notification" - try putting it back (if I'm right) and see if that gets rid of the apparent "delay". Might be a wild goose chase, but worth a look.