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Thread: Name your fav local independent record shops!

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    I'm Jon.


    Didn't even know this place existed before today. Not a huge selection, but the 9 records I bought were in fantastic condition. In fact everything they had was VG+ or better.
    Managed to get a superb copy of The Cure mixed up, which I've been after for ages


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    I'm Mike.


    Does the local Sainsbury's count? Noticed they are starting to sell a small amount of reissued lp's���� seriously though, X-Records in Bolton is rammed with new and used vinyl, cd's etc, prices are low and quality is high, in the words of big Arnie "I'll be back"

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    I'm Rich.


    Vinyl frontier on Holton Rd in Barry has some nice bits hidden away on their shelves, it's all side ways on though in Ikea expedit shelves so it's not great for the posture if you are having a good look.

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    I'm Colin.


    If it's not been mentioned before Square Records in Wimborne do me a fantastic service, Paul, Rob and Julie are top notch and Rob never fails to get me what I want.

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    I'm John.


    For any of you visiting Dublin, Spin Dizzy in Dublin is worth a mention, it's not massive but I've had some great recommendations from Enda and Steve that work there.

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    I'm Simon.


    A cd and record shop in brightons north laines called 'resident'. They expanded to double the size of the shop because so many people are buying vinyl again.

    But they are a great shop and HMV in Churchill square has shut down, but HMV is a terrible music shop for finding eclectic music.

    In resident you can always get recommended something decent and they have all the great and best music from all the genres. In some ways I know CDs are doomed but I really hope it doesn't ever come to not being able to walk into a shop like resident and buy music, even if it's a electronic card or download card with the artists name and album on it.

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    I'm tired.


    Picked up a few quite fairly priced second hand lps from this shop


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    I'm James.


    Renew in York, a bit like the That's Entertainment chain, didn't have long as our parking was running out but CDs at£2 each or 3 for £5, I bought 2 Gomez CDs, one a double album and the second album by fine young cannibals, all near mint
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    I'm Mark.


    There are several in York that I trawl through;

    Rebound on Gilleygate
    Ear Worm records in a yard off Goodramgate (next to The Snickleway Inn)
    Vinyl Eddie on the Tadcaster/Leeds road out of York

    All of these have a good selection and knowledge of what you may be looking for.

    If possible I will buy from independents such as these places rather than off ebay, mainly because I like to inspect the vinyl before buying.

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    I'm Greg.

    Default Encore Records, Ann Arbor Michigan

    Encore Records on Liberty St. in Downtown Ann Arbor, MI. USA. https://encorerecordsa2.com/
    Probably the best "used" record & LP shop "ever"....LOL I read somewhere a couple months ago they might be "forced" to move. Landlord raising the rent. I could spend hours there..........LOL

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