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Thread: Ripping Guide

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    I'm AMusicFanNotAnAudiophile.


    I've had occasional issues with CDs not ripping properly.
    Sometimes a clean with glass polish helps.
    Sometimes a polish up with duraglit helps - you need to polish radially if you do this.

    Common sense isn't anymore!

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    I'm Marc.


    This is a fantastic tool for helping tame unruly digital collections.


    My collection is quite well organised but it turns out there are quite a few stray tags messing things around (for instance some artists had been tagged using 'and' and some '&' which was causing issues for MPD/Mopidy).

    This has just allowed me to go through the whole lot and quite straightforwardly sort it right out. Highly recommended.

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    I'm John.


    I've browsed through some of the information in this thread, and am wondering if there are any worthwhile, up to date, Rip options to be considered in 2018.
    I've just set up my first stand alone DAC, and have the option to carry on with the Cambridge Azur 540 CD Player as the replay device, purchase a dedicated CD Transport, or Rip CD,s and Store FLAC File Downloads on a Stand alone Storage Set Up and replay direct from this device.
    Is there a method of creating a replay direct from a Stand alone storage Device that can equal a CD Players Sound Quality ?
    I have began my investigations into streaming, and for the sake of keeping the initial costs down, I will start with the Laptop and work my way on from this set up.
    I am a novice at this type of tech talk, so will require time to process any replies.

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    I'm Matt.


    If I'm understanding your question correctly, You could always just rip some CD's to your laptop on FLAC, connect that to your DAC & then compare the sound quality from your CDP vs a ripped version stored on your laptop going through the same DAC. So the differences you hear would be down to the storage.
    If you decided that you liked the ripped version, you could then buy a NAS drive, which is a digital storage device left permanently switched on & wired to your router. With a laptop, you will only be able to access your music if it is powered up & sometimes that may be inconvenient?
    If you decide to go that far, then you could always compare the same album from a quality streaming source eg Tidal HiFi, vs ripped vs CD (& even vs LP if you really want to) to get a grip on your preferences. The only thing is that you must ensure you are listening to the same version of a song on all the methods, ie not selecting a remastered or remixed version on Tidal, vs the original release on CD etc.

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    I'm John.


    Thank you for the reply.
    Yes you have read it correct, and the idea of a NAS, is of consideration, as I have a lot of FLAC Music Files,
    as well as 100's of 30MP photograph files on my Laptop that I need back up for a safe storage as well.
    Hence my holding off on streaming, while I get to grips with this method being discussed.
    When this is in order, I will then venture into Streaming, and will hopefully have had a little hands on experience by then.
    The question in my mind following your reply, is from the NAS a router is suggested, does a router have a effect on the SQ when being used with music files.

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