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Thread: Ripping Guide

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    I'm AMusicFanNotAnAudiophile.


    I've had occasional issues with CDs not ripping properly.
    Sometimes a clean with glass polish helps.
    Sometimes a polish up with duraglit helps - you need to polish radially if you do this.

    Once we've made sense of our world, we wanna go fuck up everybody else's because his or her truth doesn't match mine. But this is the problem. Truth is individual calculation. Which means because we all have different perspectives, there isn't one singular truth, is there?

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    I'm Marc.


    This is a fantastic tool for helping tame unruly digital collections.


    My collection is quite well organised but it turns out there are quite a few stray tags messing things around (for instance some artists had been tagged using 'and' and some '&' which was causing issues for MPD/Mopidy).

    This has just allowed me to go through the whole lot and quite straightforwardly sort it right out. Highly recommended.

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