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Thread: Our poor moderators...

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    Default Our poor moderators...

    I gave it some real thought tonight.
    I wonder how much time the moderators spend reading posts to make sure a select few of us hasn't skiddered off the rails again causing a fallout or just embarrassing ourselves and the forum from time to time.

    There must be a black sheep of AOS list at each of there computers, where they check the recent posts by them right away.

    I may even be on Marco's post alert app on his phone!

    Thanks Mods for putting up with all us loons.

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    Well you're certainly not on my "naughty list", Jeff! Actually, it is a very short list at them moment, blank, in fact!

    Thanks for the kind words, for the vast majority of the time everyone plays nicely, so it isn't too much of a hardship. At the end of the day most people just want to talk hi-fi and other gumph with like minded people, and have a bit of a laugh along the way (for most of us this is a hobby, after all!) so we rarely have to "moderate" anything - so thank you all for making the job easier!

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    MartinT Guest


    Thanks, Jeff. As Alex says, most of the time there is little moderating to do and we're just one of the members, contributing like everyone else. When it kicks off, however, we seem to work well as a team.

    I don't have a hit list, I treat everyone the same - after all, diversity of opinion is what forums are all about. The help and advice available in AoS is what makes it special and long may that remain so.

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    I'm Confused.


    Speaking personally, whilst I acknowledge the work that the Mod team do, I do believe that some Mods do have a 'black list' and are over-ready to attribute totally inaccurate and negative motives to the ocassional benign post. Not having a go at anyone but I suspect that I may be ringing bells in some quarters . It may well be a case of 'Give a dog a bad name' .
    Having said that, the Mods seem to be getting most things right, given the robust good health of the forum but the ones that are uncomfortable here tend not to hang around and 'rain on the parade'.
    Just my "diversity of opinion".

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    Must say while i still think this is a good place, due to circumstances it has lost it's '' joie de vivré '',
    the easy natural flow posting style has stunted a wee bit, hopefully it'll return in due course.
    Frank...made me do it.

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    Probably a combination of the lousy cold, damp and wet weather, recent events in the news and recent events here on the Forum.

    Don't worry things will recover - they always do!

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    "Our poor moderators"??? Bunch of lazy gits. All they do all day is:

    eat, tweak, listen, post, poop... and repeat.


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    MartinT Guest


    About item 5 in your list... no time for that, mate!

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    I'm andy.


    Quote Originally Posted by MartinT View Post
    About item 5 in your list... no time for that, mate!
    Martin, DON'T LOOK DOWN !!!....SHIT IN YA SHOE.

    Sorry i meant to say Shiatsu, it'll ease your tension.
    Frank...made me do it.

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    "Our poor moderators"

    Get the violins out

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