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Thread: Discussion topics being posted in the incorrect rooms

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe View Post
    I beg to differ. If I buy different plugs, fit them to my cables and find it a huge improvement that I want to share with AoS, is that a tweak which should go into 'Strokes of Genius' or an accessory that should go into 'The Artist's Palette'?

    Okay as Strokes of Genius is my baby so to speak....imho it should be the place where you put reviews on any audio item, some of which should/could go into other rooms (normally) but rather than a few lines (which might be fine for other rooms) a SOG item/review (I hope) will have more depth to it and length.

    Does that help ?

    Regards D S D L
    Regards Neil

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    Yeah, S.O.G is more for in-depth reviews of equipment and/or describing the effects of (usually non-cable related) tweaks which have transformed your system, such as for example, filters, demagnetisers, oak cones, and the like, or perhaps just some adjustment you've made to your system, which has proved revelatory, that hasn't involved the addition of anything new at all!

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