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Thread: Clearaudio CMB bearing upgrade...not snake oil. surely?

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    Default Clearaudio CMB bearing upgrade...not snake oil. surely?

    I watched a video last week of someone who had installed the CMB magnetic bearing on their Clearaudio Emotion.

    In the video, they removed the belt and then set the platter spinning. They timed the exercise to see for how long the platter - now unhindered by the belt and aided by the CMB - would spin.

    It clocked in at just over 11 minutes, which impressed me, so I thought "I wonder for how long my non-upgraded Emotion's platter would spin?".

    I gave it a go a few nights ago...astoundingly, it turned for 10 minutes and fifty-eight seconds.

    I'm now wondering if the outlay of 370 for the upgraded bearing would be anything other than flushing my money down the toilet.

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    Did you spin your platter at the exact same speed?
    Are the ruble figures different?

    Too busy enjoying the music....

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    Not every designer would agree that a free spinning platter is ideal. Some deliberately have some friction to add drag. Depends on the design.

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