So the Mark Levinson 390 has risen from the dead for the SECOND time !!

I got some great advice from this forum a few years back when it's right channel would intermittently cut out after anything between 45 mins and three hours. Ultimately nothing helped and after several weeks it was playing solely through the left side.
I took it to two specialists recommended here but neither felt it worth investigating further after brief checks failed to identify the issue unless I was a lottery winner. Neither charged, which was incredibly kind.

I kept it in the rack as I love the look of it. It's beautifully made and I genuinely get a thrill from just watching the paper thin drawer sliding silently and majestically in and out. (anyone else get bored during lockdown ?). During that time I decided to hook it up again on the off chance a miracle had occured, and it turned out that was the case.
I got a good few months more out of it working perfectly before the issue reared it's head again, so back to the Audiolab which isn't a great hardship despite costing 1/20th of the price.

Last week I tried it again, and Praise The Lord (for it is He) !!

This is day five. Dunno how long it's gonna last, but blimey it's sounding sooooooooooo good.

Sweepstake, anyone ?