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Thread: HiFi World

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    Default HiFi World

    I recieved a letter from KSA Group with regards to my subscription to HiFi World magazine and it's insolvent liquadation. Very sad indeed. Though to be honest much of the letter i simply didn't understand. I think the only thing i can do really is away down to the bank and make sure the standing order has been stopped. Very sad indeed and really feel for Noel Keywood.

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    I agree. It was my go to Hi-Fi Magazine for many years. Even had a couple of letters published as letter of the month. Sad news
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    Sad news indeed. Hi Fi World was the only hi-fi mag that was worth reading, unlike most of the others who simply masturbated over overpriced equipment.

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    Remember the early issues with a free CD on the front, still have the disc from issue no1.

    Great Richard Thomson Stuff on it.
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    It surprises me that there are still any printed hifi magazines in existence given the number of reviews that can be found online. The age old criticism was that as the manufacturers were paying to be included that there was bound to an element of bias.

    I sometimes scan through Hifi News and Hifi Plus(h) and the first thing I look for is the price tag on any reviewed item. Most of them I don't bother to read as the cost is laughable and seem to bear no relation to reality. I suppose someone must buy this stuff?
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    unfortunately we are a dying breed, kids nowadays are happy with a phone and a pair of ear buds. At NEBO last weekend we saw in the outside smoking area of the pub a group of people sat listening to a phone playing spotify, definitely not high fidelity but they aren't bothered, it's the times we live in

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    I was receiving a FOC copy of HFW every month but it stopped arriving a couple of months into Covid, so I guessed it had gone bust.

    I get a free copy of HFN every month because I advertise but there's rarely anything reviewed which is affordable and I'm a retailer...

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    I agree that there are far fewer people as invested in high quality sound than when I was young. I bought my first quality hifi when I was 18 back in 1977.

    One very good reason for that was that there were few alternative forms of entertainment back then. VCRs were still relatively new and expensive back then and there were only a few TV channels to choose from.

    The irony is that a decent quality music system has never been more affordable. A decent DAC with a pair of excellent headphones can be had for £500 or less. My PC speakers, the AudioEngine A1s cost just over £100 and sound fantastic playing Spotify or similar via Bluetooth on a phone or tablet.

    I don't think things will change in the foreseeable future.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jac Hawk View Post
    unfortunately we are a dying breed, kids nowadays are happy with a phone and a pair of ear buds. At NEBO last weekend we saw in the outside smoking area of the pub a group of people sat listening to a phone playing spotify, definitely not high fidelity but they aren't bothered, it's the times we live in

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    my doctor always had hifi mags on his table to keep patients happy along with good housekeeping and car mags etc. only time i saw them really as the stuff was always way out of my league
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    My last dentist used to have fishng magazines for the men and Cosmopolitan for the women. Not current ones just some old tat that he must have had lying around at home for years. Used to end up reading the Cosmos because I've got even less interest in fishing. It's not a good look though is it?
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