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    I've noticed recently that a lot of the newer (& some not so new) folks don't know how to do certain things that some of us take for granted. So I was thinking that it might be good to have a list somewhere.
    So, I've compiled a list of those things that we often go back to or try to remember where they are so we can go back to them!
    Also a few things that maybe folks could do with being reminded of and one or two things you just may not have known existed.

    Here's the list:

    Attention all new members
    Here's what you should do once you've joined up to AoS - how to introduce your fine self to the folks here.

    The basics of Ethos
    The Rules of Engagement, or what's good form and what's not

    Welcome one and welcome all...
    A few more pointers for new members - of special concern to folks who're 'in the trade'

    How to host and embed images in your posts
    Step by step tutorial on how to get your words illustrated, both through your own images stored with a third party website (Imageshack/Photobucket etc), and through snaffling something off the web. It's dead simple just follow the recipe!

    Step By Step Guide to Linking to Photos
    A detailed update on how to work with Photobucket

    How To Embed YouTube Videos Into Your Posts
    Moving pictures and sound to accompany your own writing - what will they think of next?! Another simple tutorial.

    And if you still don't get it, here's a You Tube video to show you how (I embedded it into my post!)

    How To Give Yourself An Avatar
    Avatars, pic posting and the black arts

    The Art of Sound Library
    A valuable and growing resource. It's not at all stuffy & the librarians don't all wear cardigans

    How To Contribute to The Library
    Help to stock the library by providing some of your own contributions

    So, Tell Us About Your Avatar
    Why did you decide to use that picture, & what the hell has it got to do with anything?

    Tell Us About Your User Name...........
    Have you always wanted to know why Donkey walkers dance in the sand, whats so artsi about a kaakko, or just how big some peoples Wazoos can actually grow?

    Hopeless at Spelling?
    How to cheet at righting write

    From the Grave
    Formerly Thread of the week (.......or Nick's Picks)

    Rules for selling
    Got stuff to flog? Here's how to, and how not to, do it.

    Jokes & Funnies
    A little light relief

    Your views
    Tell 'em what you don't like & how you'd do it better. Tell 'em what you do like & give 'em a pat on the back

    Pick Of The Pops, the top 20 posters on A.O.S.
    So you think you hardly spend any time here at all? You don't understand why your family moan at you for endlessly sitting in front of that monitor? Let's see shall we?

    Three Words Daily (Or whenever you like)
    How to increase your post count and gain yourself a few extra places on the Top 20 charts
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    I'm ChrisB.


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