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Thread: Pre amp recommendations

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    Many thanks for all the suggestions, I better get saving up
    novafidelity x40 music server/pre/dac, Arcam A39, roksan k3 power amp,Monitor Audio Monitor 50, Dali spektor 1, van damme interconnects and speaker cable, roskan k3 CD player

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    Quote Originally Posted by cube-tube View Post
    I'm on the other side of the pond and have the same Quad Artera Pre. Love this thing! I agree 100% with what you said about the sound. However, I didn't recommend it because the OP wants to stay around 1000, preferably less if possible.

    Just a side question, would you happen to have a thread about your system? I'd like to see another system out there with the Artera Pre. I haven't found a single one yet other than you.
    No dedicated thread; just a couple of contributions in other contexts - my signature shows the system as it currently is (Aug 2022 & no plans for major changes any time soon). Having got the Artera Pre, I too am surprised it hasn't gained more interest but, sometimes, that's the way it is. Perhaps Quad's marketing isn't as strong (or effective) as other brands.

    Main system:
    Sources: Bluesound Node 2i; Sony UHP-H1 (disc player)
    DAC: Denafrips Pontus II
    Pre amp: Quad Artera Pre (this is also the main headphone amp)
    Power amp: Willsenton R8 amp (running JJ E34Ls) / Aiyima A07 (with Sparkos SS3602 Op Amps)
    Speakers: Dynaudio Special 40s connected with Van Damme UP-LCOFC (4mm) cables
    InterConns: Morrow Audio MA4 - pre 2018 (analogue RCA); QED Ref Aud 40 XLR; Mark Grant (coax x1); Atlas (coax x1)

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    800 for this puresound L10 is a steal . they are very musical and enjoyable

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pieoftheday View Post
    Evening, I'm asking for recommendations for a pre amp to go with my Roksan k3 power amp, I only need 2 inputs, one for my CD player and one for my server, a remote is a must for when I'm being lazy. I dont currently have the funds so its probably going to be next year. I dont really know what sort of money gets a good pre but I'd have no more than 1K, less would be preferred ta Jim
    Despite some minor irritations i have with this pre amp i would put it on your list..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sPC9ofYtq2I

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