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Yeah, they're the same countrywide. And they're even worse since they no longer have Jeremy Kyle to watch (or star in). As you'll probably know, actually getting in their houses to do the work can be a challenge. Don't bother phoning before 11am, they'll still be in bed sleeping off their late night/early hours "get togethers", all you'll get is a "Welcome to Giff Gaff" message.

Then when you do get through, be prepared to drop everything to be there at 2pm on the dot - no later, because there's somewhere they need to be. And I'm thinking "Where do you need to be, you don't have a job".

And so you get there at 2pm prompt, and if you can get an answer they'll have a list of problems as long as a queue outside Cash Converters at Christmas. All needing done NOW.

I love benefits tenants, me
Absolutely spot on
AND !! ( not wishing offend anyone on here ) they all have at least 1 autistic child .
I visited one last week to replace 3 internal doors as they had been punched through by the son ( 32 yr old )
He was most upset that I had started working at 8am , once he’d had a quick smoke ( of something smelly ) he was as nice as pie .
The mum said they’ll probably need changing again if he kicks off .
Sad really.

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