You make fuses yourself?

So you have an issue with the price being charged.
That's fair, many do.

Need to agree Barry to disagree on fuses not being "choke points" I'm afraid.
Line resistance (and other restrictive properties of the fuse) IS the "choke point" I'm speaking about.
Consider it a concept, a name I've given it.

Having swapped out fuses many times and experienced the improved sound that comes about, I can say that they work.
Not being funny, but have you tried them?

Reduced line resistance is better - right?
(Not that that's all they do, but I'm not going there)

People can either try them or not, no big deal either way.

Clive's original post has been answered I think.

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I do, but I make them myself rather than pay the absurd prices charged.

Fuses don't act as "choke points" any more than say switch contants or the contact points between a plug and socket. All they do is increase the line resistance slightly (which in the case of a BS1362 13A fuse, will be no more than 6 mOhm).