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Thread: Tannoy Kensington GR amp for

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    I'm Phil.


    Certainly drop Graham a line at tron for advice
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    I'm Ales.


    For FirstWatt F7 power amplifier, I've tried to find suitable S/H valve line preamps.

    My current list:

    1. Conrad Johnson PV 12, gain 18db, valve 2xECC82, output impedance 800 Ohm

    2. Linear Tube Audio, MZ2, gain 12db, valve 2xECC82, output impedance 2 Ohm

    3. Audio Research SP16L, gain 12db, valves 3xECC83, output impedance 260 Ohm

    Any suggestions, opinions?
    A lot of good music through Tannoy Kensington GR speakers, amp class A, turntable designed by Tom Fletcher,
    produced by Pear Audio, model Kid Thomas, Grado Reference V2 cartridge, valve phono EAR 834P.

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