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Thread: Heybrook returns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawrence001 View Post
    That's because they have "a twenty-first-century cabinet"
    ....and 23rd Century pricing!

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    Wilmslow Audio do a fully built version for £1100

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    Quote Originally Posted by stevekr View Post
    Wilmslow Audio do a fully built version for £1100
    I think they are copies of the original design? So a different speaker, not necessarily better or worse

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    £1100 !!!!!!! What a joke !!!! I'd try to find a good pair of the original 80's version of the speaker for a decent price.
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    Has anybody bothered to have a listen to them yet?
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    I don't think they are out yet, not even any reviews.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Puffin View Post
    If I hadn't found a pair of HB2's left outside a house in the rain to be dumped and renewed the midrange foams I would never have known how good they were. They were quite expensive when new. Of course the size and weight of them makes them unattractive to some these days and they would seek something more "modern" looking. IMO there is no real substitute for size and the 10" bass of the HB2's is a good one IMO.

    Will be interesting to see how many different models they bring out and at what sort of prive level.
    crazy prices !
    i had the HB2 s in the early 80s, bought in 79.
    dont remember the bass unit being very big
    8'' i would have thought
    i blew 1.
    not suitable for uni parties
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    HB2s had a 6.5” Audax bass unit with a rubber surround. It was the HB1’s 8” Vifa unit that suffered from foam rot.

    The new ones will be out later in the year, I believe.
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    Seems a fair price given that the cabinets are made from Hidrofugo - a water resistant mdf. It's £245 per 8 x 4 sheet.

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