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Thread: A&R P77 Magnesium cartridge body or Stilton

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    Default A&R P77 Magnesium cartridge body or Stilton

    By chance, has anyone got a black (ie magnesium) A&R P77 cartridge body in their spares. I have the golden plastic body and several unused original styli and would like to see if the metal body improves anything ? Or a Stilton version ?

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    I'm Stephen.


    Hi - I have a Mg P77 in great condition gathering dust (well not really as it's in a box)

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    I'm DAVE.


    PM sent


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    I'm Chris.


    Back in the day the major mod for this cartridge was to remove the plastic base and replace it with a solid lightweight aluminium one. Here is mine put into storage when I upgraded.
    It had light use and worked fine all those years ago.

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