Continuing my fundraising efforts, on offer here is a bundle of GL75 decks and parts.

There are basically two decks here which I will try describe in turn:

On the right - this was a deck that I used myself on my own system for some time. It ran well but sometimes the motor would start making a mains frequency buzz when warm (like transformer hum). I used it with an Ortofon AS-212 like the one I have for sale seperately. I fitted a new RCA + Earth cable to the terminal block under the platter and also replaced the ageing mains cable. There is a complete (I think) original arm to go with this deck as pictured but it would probably benefit from a re-wire looking at it.
The deck itself is in superb cosmetic condition. There is hardly a mark on the top plate. The sprung plinth is also in very good condition although I'm sure there will be a few small marks here and there.
There is a lid from another deck that fits the plinth quite well but obviously it's lift off rather than hinged.
It comes with it's original box complete with original internal packaging including separate sleeve for the platter and also the instruction manual and a protractor.

On the left - an unknown quantity! I bought this after it had been dropped with the intention that I could pull the motor out, swap it onto the other one and see if that resolved the buzzing but I put my Thorens on the system instead and never got round to it. The mains cable is cut off so I haven't tried it. If it's important enough, I can re-wire it and give it a try but there's not much to stop these motors turning. Most of an original arm is fitted but the wires are broken off at the arm base so will need replacing.
As I said, this has been dropped so the plinth is probably a write off. There is a crack in the front, the corners are separating and some of the internal bracing has come off.
The deck however seems to have survived very well. There are a few marks under where the counter weight fits and the plastic knob on the speed select lever is snapped but other than that, it's pretty good.
It comes with a broken original lid, original outer box but no internal packaging.

In addition, there is another partial arm - not in the best condition, a GL72 manual (no idea where from), a pair of v-blocks with instructions although they don't look new and a few other little bits in the box like spare tags.

These would go well with the AS-212 that I'm selling!

Not sure what they are worth. Any interest at 200?

Collection only from just outside Bicester (M40, J9).