These are the top of the range versions, with the Chrystal mid range and Gemini compression driver tweeters. These also have the Goldwood 18" woofers.

There is no crossover as such on these- the Chrystal mid is doped to mechanically adjust frequency response to suit bass and treble, and tweeter is crossed with a single cap in series. Bass is active.

These are superb OB's, bass is driven with a Behringer INuke 3000 amplifier, the 100db sensitivity meaning a very high quality low powered valve or SS amp can be used to power mid and top. I used a 4w OTL to great effect.

Vic of Trans Fi tweaked these himself, the INuke runs his DSP settings (you can of course tweak to your own taste). The tweeter level can be adjusted to taste via a pot, however I ran them wide open as Vic added a resistor in series with the tweeters to give a flat response- it would be simple to remove this should room acoustics dictate.

I rewired and renewed the components when I got them. I used Neotech solid core cable, PathAudio resistors and Jantzen Superior Z Capacitors for the tweeters.

Drivers are all perfect.

Looking for £1200.