One of the finest Planar Magnetic designs you can buy regardless of price, and are top of the tree for Dan Clark's open back planar magnetic designs. They are certainly the best headphones I've ever owned. Lots of online reviews if you look.

My circumstances changed soon after buying these which meant they didn't get much use- new job, house and partner, so I'd honestly be surprised if they had more than 20 hours on them. My new job means I'm away from home more, so these just sit unused, and they are far too good for that.

I bought these with the two extra sets of ear pads which allow fine tuning of the sound to taste. Retail is £2170. At the same time I also ordered from Dan Clark a 3m extra cable fitted with a 4 pin XLR for balanced operation. This retailed at £400, making a total of £2570. I am offering these at £1400 ono + plus postage, which makes these a bargain considering they are absolutely as new.

Also included is an adaptor to 3.5mm jack for portable digital players etc. I also constructed a resistor box so these can be driven directly from the speaker terminals of an amplifier, I'll include this should the purchaser wish.

I am attending the Audio Addicts bake off on May 8th so can bring them along if anyone is interested.