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Thread: Looking for another cd player

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    Guy's also got this less expensive player, for £250, no remote though, which kind of kills it really, would it be possible to find an alternative remote?

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    Can't comment on that model but I did find the 3910 too smooth and relaxed compared to a Sony QS universal player.

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    had a 2900.. sold it with remote but used to have a spare remote for it. need to look for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    If you can live with slot loading just get an Audiolab 6000T.

    Brand new so you should get the maximum amount of time before you have to worry about replacing it.
    My system is no slouch and I use this transport when I want to have a quick play of CDs, rather than my music server onto which I have to transfer CD files. It is very good and I never find myself being disappointed by its performance. Highly recommended and of course, being new, it comes with guarantees.
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    6000CDT responds well to "traditional" CD player tweaks,
    better feet, putting a weight on top..that kind of thing.

    Worth spending a bit of time on it?
    gets more out of an already great sounding Audiolab transport.

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