I saw a couple of posts on the web about this item and have always been concerned over the hash on our mains supply. A couple of years ago I purchased a mains noise sniffer, this converts the hash on the mains to an audible emulation, which confirmed my suspicions ! I run a Lynwood Mega mains conditioner which feeds a Widuka filtered mains distribution block, in this sits an IFI mains purifier. The addition of each over the years has improved things, I no longer hear rice crispies in the quiet parts of music...yes it was that bad.

I had intended that the DC Blocker would feed the whole system but its spec limits... toting up my units brings it close to the max power supply for the unit. So I've placed it after the Widuka distribution block and before my main source. This is a Sony Hap z1ES which does my streaming and replays my music stored on Hdd. Switching the sony on after connecting the blocker, the unit was set to random track play mode ...the track played was an unfamiliar one from Regina Spector Wow the sax solo was very impressive and I'm still sat on the floor next to the kit.

Switching to my goto demo / test track ..DSOTM on the run the intro has the sound like a marble rolling round on a circular tray.. This was about a third bigger than usual and much more defined. Further listen, its obvious that the far left and right spatial information has been pushed far beyond the speakers so I'm now hearing an arc of sound of about 135 degrees from my normal listening position ...[speakers are 15ft apart and my seated position is 10ft from the plane of the speakers ].

I'm so impressed by this little box, I may get a second for the power amp. At 99 its a steal ..[ assuming you have a dirty mains supply]