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Thread: Garrard Turntable on The Repair Shop

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    This weeks episode included another of Mark Stuckys ‘repairs’ on an old Ferranti radio set. He did his usual procedure of replacing most of the capacitors, but when he powered the set up he managed to destroy , amongst other components, what he called an ‘intermediate transformer’, I’m assuming he meant an IF transformer (intermediate frequency transformer).

    His next step was to declare the radio set unrepairable and produced another radio ‘a donor set’ to replace the original that he’d rendered unrepairable. He also found the original speaker, which looked like a field coil speaker, to be unrepairable and replaced that with a different speaker. The owner ended up with a radio set with only the case being the original part.

    To be fair the owner was over the moon with the result, but was probably blissfully unaware of what had occurred while the radio was in the capable hands of Mr Stucky.

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    I'm not sure he 'destroyed' the transformer. These are old sets and you can't always retain everything, may of them have already been 'bodged' in period.

    Many restorers would have stuffed the old cap with the new replacements to retain the original look of the insides, but the 'customer' wouldn't really be bothered, and as in this case would be delighted just to get the radio back shiny and working.

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    I think that sometimes they are jack of all trades to an extent although there are a few masters on there
    I only ride 'em, I don't know what makes 'em work

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    Perhaps the producers of the Repair Shop should be informed that in future all repair work of vintage radios and electronics ought to be directed to an address in Northants.

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