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Thread: TRIPATH-TA0103A project

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    Default TRIPATH-TA0103A project

    Hi folks,
    managed to lay my hands on a tripath board and have attached data sheets here. Anybody familiar with this ? Any ideas on power supply and mods. I thought I would get all thoughts in before tinkering.
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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    Hi Abraham. I have built and modified several Tripath based amps over the years, but have not seen this one. The ones I have had all had only one power supply required and the rest of it was ready to go. It is an evaluation board and that to me suggests that it assumes technical knowledge of these type of amps and appropriate test equipment to ensure correct operation.

    The board shown in the datasheet does not appear to have the required parts to connect the PSs and Input and Output leads, does yours have these fitted?

    There are also two adjustable variable resistors to set the Bias (presumably for each channel) but I cannot see that it gives the test points on the board to measure the voltage when setting the bias. It seems to suggest that it may not be neccessary to adjust this.

    You could use either a Linear PS or Switch Mode provided it is of the correct orientation (Single or Split rail supply - whichever is specified) Seems to suggest a max DC voltage of 60v

    Good Luck.

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    Thanks Rob, will keep you posted once I have had a play.

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    Good grief, I thought Richard had ditched those by now, I first had those for some designs close to 20 years ago, mid band is weak point hence why the 2320 was released. The 103's had more 'balls' than the later models.

    Pay careful attention to ref voltage, and make sure the 5Vdc to the module is clean, the LC network can be improved as well. Would suggest at least a 500Va Tx 750 would be better, from memory +/- 45 Vdc supples . Works better balanced than SE

    Good luck
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