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Thread: Roksan Caspian M2 speaker recommend!!!?

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    Default Roksan Caspian M2 speaker recommend!!!?

    I owned Roksan Caspian M2 amplifier, and i need new pair stereo speakers.Its ok a second hand.Tell me your opinion and experience whit Roksan Caspian,and best speakers match, sinergy.My favourite Monitor Audio gold and Warfedale Linton.. More suggestions please.I listen various kinds of music from jazz, blues,progrock, acustic guitar, sometimes Bach, Handle,..Dinamic music..In my room about 30-40m2,my sources is PC, Flac lossless, streaming Tidal, radio Paradise, sometimes CDs.I have Music Fidaledty v90 dac, audioquest USB cable,..

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    Most speakers will work fine with that amplifier.

    Choose your speaker based on your room size and layout and the type of sound you want to get. Do you want studio-like clarity or something more warm and forgiving?
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    I want speakers for all types of music.I prefer floorstanding speaker, but two small monitor with sub interesting combination..Sound with big stereo images, warm bass, silky smooth twitter.. Maybe i asked two mutch.Perfect speakers for all kinds of music.???!!

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    Have a look at Dali speakers. I have a Roksan Kandy KA1 and Dali Oberon 1s sound excellent with this amp.


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    My favourite speaker/sub combo were Audio Physics Sparks with a small sub, fast, dynamic, punchy and throw a very believable soundstage.

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