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Thread: AIWA 22

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    Default AIWA 22

    Hi guys , hope you are all well ( Iím currently recovering from having half a lung removed) itís one way to lose some weight. 1A280C8C-38E0-4DD4-B6CF-7B74BBFC7689.jpg597BBD7C-AD13-4252-A1CB-F50AF54AF81B.jpgF620F015-9782-409D-AE14-6518C0217EC7.jpg

    I couldnít resist buying this lovely little system ( especially at £30 and local) , I remember seeing these in the early 80ís .
    I stripped it down and gave it all a good clean , Iím now on the hunt for some matching speakers which appear to be practically non existent, Iíve ordered new belts and pinch roller rubbers etc but having opened up the cassette deck I think itís too difficult a job for me .

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    Sorry to hear about your health issues, I hope you get well soon.

    The Aiwa is an excellent little system, a friend of mine had one some time ago - the preamp was the weak link if I remember correctly, the power amp was surprisingly punchy for its size and power rating.

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    "I couldnít resist buying this lovely little system".........oh and by the way I have just had a lung removed!!!

    Phew, that is a major operation. I hope that you mend well and get back to full health soon.
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    Fabulous little system and a proper bargain!

    And thatís a bit of a shocker on the lung front! Hope youíre doing OK.
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    Nice system and that rack looks like it came with it, or at least was purpose built, makes it very rare.

    Sorry to hear about the operation. Hope you make a quick recovery.

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    Hi Andy

    Hope you recover soon and remain well.

    System looks good I remember those from back in the day, we used to have a mid 80's one which was actually rather good on the SQ front, I would expect yours to be pretty good AIWA made some nice gear.

    All the Best

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    Great Kit nice find that man but the cassette decks are a real pain in the arse my tech of 40+ years ex couldn't fix my one - I have the A30 and R30

    Hope you're on the mend that's some operation nice to see the mind on the hobbie keeping you going
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    Surprised to hear that as the cassette decks arenít unduly complicated. Just small and fiddly!
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    Sorry to hear about your health Andy, hope you get well soon. Those Aiwa systems were awesome, built like proverbial tanks and with great SQ able to match or better full size systems of the day. They were built just before Sony took over Aiwa and turned them into the budget brand they are now, this system was top of the line and came with a hefty price tag of about £1000 which was a lot back then and meant they didn't sell in great numbers. I've never seen any speakers for them though and i'm not sure if the system was sold with any.

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    Default AIWA 22

    Thanks for all the comments guys .
    The little Aiwa takes pride of place in a small room driving some wharfedale diamond 220ís ( and now Iíve hooked up the beovox s75ís ) and I now wonder if the tweeters are buggered on the diamonds as Iím hearing so much more.
    It is a great little system.
    I did take a look at doing the belts etc but gave up after about the 12th screw .

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