Selling my Trio kd1033 turntable.
For its age it looks good.
It does have a few imperfections
Three of the feet lost the silver ring.
The dustcover i do not have
And the trio name is removed from the front
It works fine.
Only thing i have noticed is when you
Adjust the speed the belt
Makes a slight noise for a second.
My eyesight is poor so i find seeing what i am doing
Hard, it needed a new belt so i bought one from
Just audio. My friend also oiled it for me.
I mean the bearing.
I have noticed on ebay people asked 100 to
200 for these which i find odd.
My price is 60 although you will need to collect as i no longer have the transport screw.
The matt is a cork by Toner and the cartridge has only a few hours use.
I have a Nad 533 now so need funds
For upgrades to it
I play both 44rpm and 33rpm
On it and both sound fine.
You are welcome to test when collecting
Im nr portsmouth
Sorry for any errors but i can hardly see what i am typing.
My eyesight issue is due to diabetes

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