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    I'm Oliver.

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    Greetings all and thank you for not forgetting about me administrators. It was probably 10 years ago that I joined and an inquiry into Tannoy Westminster Royal HE cross-over upgrade options led me back to the forum.

    My back story begins in the 30's or 40's when my father, a music loving Englishman purchased a Voigt corner horn loudspeaker. This evidently was the 'high end' of the day. After marrying my mother in '52, they both set sail for Canada where he had the job of leading the British engineering firm Evershed in their new North American offices. With them, my parents brought all they needed for their new life, including the Voigt. Until the early '70's it is what I listened to. I knew nothing else. But by this time my father, who had always maintained that stereo was a gimmick, finally caved in and set about exploring the market. Quad seemed to be the direction until he laid his hands on plans for a massive folded corner horn design specifically conceived to house the 15" Tannoy Monitor Golds. He did love his organ music! It was decided and over the course of a year we, including my two older brothers, built the huge and complicated cabinets while we eagerly awaited the drivers' imminent arrival by sea mail. Meanwhile my eldest brother was also busy assembling what was to be the accompanying Heathkit integrated amp, and a basic Garrard was the source. When it all came together, it was of course life changing and my love affair with the 'Tannoy sound' began. Eventually we leave home and alas, when that occurred I was without any audio to speak of for quite a long time. Eventually (about 25 years ago) I began the quest to get back to a semblance of what I once enjoyed.

    I am of the opinion that early experiences in audio condition the aural aesthetic that informs what we like and consequently, what we look for in a loudspeaker. Other than a brief flirtation with the IMF RSPM IV and Quad 57's, I have remained faithful to Tannoy which has consistently been my standard. I am decidedly not a promiscuous music lover/audiophile and this makes me pretty boring I suppose.

    Fast forward to today, I live with Tannoy Westminster Royal HE's powered by a vintage all-Marantz system (500, 7T, 10B, Model 15, Model 18 & 19 and a 3300 pre). I have no right to complain but I am noticing a dullness in the sound. I thought is was me but it seems the venerable Westie has a sub par cross-over, binding posts and wiring. There are members who have posted on this subject 9 years ago and I hope to connect with them for guidance on
    bringing my speakers back to life.

    Post script: In case you are wondering what happened to the Voigt and the DIY Tannoys, my brother still has them in his clutches. There is a photo on the Lowther-Voigt web site in their gallery in case you are curious.

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    Great story Oliver, thanks for sharing. Would love to see some photos of your system some time... enjoy AoS.

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    Welcome to AoS Oliver,

    Yes a great story - an interesting history. There are plenty of Tannoy fans here (though I'm a Quad 57 user; not being much of a listener to organ music) to keep you company.

    Would love to have a Marantz 10B tuner, though they are a bit of a labour of love in keeping them aligned. Nearly bought one on eBay, but the seller let me down.

    Welcome again
    Enjoy the Forum


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    I'm Josie.


    It's a privilege to have you back, Oliver.. Some pics would be very nice too!

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