A very good friend of mine is currently looking at changing his amplifier from a Allnic 1500T Set to either a new Allnic T2000 Anniversary (this is a hybrid running KT170s) so more powerful to drive his Tannoy Legacy Kensington GR's or a suitable SS amp, he is going to trial at home a McIntosh MA9000 SS and as well.

He has come across www.ayonaudio.com/product/ayon-crossfire-iii-pa/ an ex-demo and he may be able to trial it, these Ayon valve amps use a very specialised power valve that is a derivative of the 300B valve that they had developed by a valve manufacturer that they owned.

The Ayon amps are not cheap as are the others my friend is considering, there are few reviews on the Ayon amps, it seems they have a good reputation but are predominantly sold in the EU. If you have any knowledge or experience of Ayon amps that I could pass onto my friend it would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.