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Thread: Nobsound 300b Monoblocks - HELP NEEDED!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lawrence001 View Post
    When you say they should have worked from the beginning, you did start off by plugging in a source and pre and playing some music didn't you? As you only mention running then with no input and you can't judge a valve amp that way as it's not designed to be used with no input.
    Yes, of course, I don't make a habit of just plugging a single monoblock into a speaker and listening to it all night.
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    Ok it's just the only two statements referring to hum are these:

    "The amps exhibit no hum from the Tx when fired up but as hum like a complete bugger when you attach them to a passive speaker, this is with no pre-amp connected."

    "just attached the speaker cable from the speaker to the amp. No other cables. I've just tried powering up from the wall socket and still same old hum"

    Personally I'd expect them to hum a bit connected as you describe, from my own experience with valve amps. At no point do you refer to any hum when they are connected into the full system and playing music. So I'm just asking if they also hum in that situation?

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