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Thread: Where to buy thick diameter cable for DIY RCA interconnects?

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    Default Where to buy thick diameter cable for DIY RCA interconnects?

    Hi all. I've got some rather large RCA plugs that I would like to use, but I can't seem to find any brands of cable that do a big enough overall diameter. The plugs take up to 10mm OD, but all I have are various van damme cables which are only up to 6mm and are too small to be clamped into the large plugs.

    I would be most grateful if anyone could let me know where I can buy some 9mm or 10mm unterminated cable for RCA interconnects, preferably online and in the UK.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your choice is somewhat limited, but there are few cables having a large outer sheath diameter. They tend to have a 75 Ohm impedance which means you can use them in both the digital and analogue domain. They are:

    WF125 (8.1mm dia)

    WEB400 (10.1mm dia)

    RG11/U (10.2mm dia)

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    similarly ....I have a great number of 10mm id silver plated rca plugs ......
    I made flexible spacers to fit the diameter of cable I was using ... or numbers of cables.
    the spacers were made on a 3d printer using a flexible filament. approx 9.75mm dia so fit snugly and about 10mm in length. These hold and support the cables also allowing me to experiment with damping as the spacers can be extended or expanded to carry weights or even sand.

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    Have a look at the Neotech cables https://www.hificollective.co.uk/ind...erconnect.html

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    Thank you!

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