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Thread: Duelund Cable

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    I'm Andrew.


    I'll not be performing at the fringe festival any time soon.
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    I'm Gary.


    Love this cable, big fan here.

    Ran a single set of the 16GA with my Impulse H2's back in the day and it sounded wonderful.
    Clarity and tone to die for.

    Didn't work as well with my next speakers (set of "stand-in" wee Dali Zensor 7's), but with my current Wharfedale Evo 4.4's cable sounds sublime.
    Run them in biwire config, Duelund 16GA on treble duty, Morrow MA7 v2 on Bass.
    Combination works really really well.

    The Duelund is terrific.
    Dont even think about speaker cable now.
    "Whats your vector Victor...?"

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    I'm Chris.


    I've used the Duelund stuff for 'jumper' cables as my speakers require 5 jumpers each. Sounded significantly better than all the Van Damme offerings and TQ blue and ultra blue.

    Eventually OCC has replaced and bettered it but I was never unhappy with it's performance or felt it lacked, just that the OCC is better.

    No reason to suspect it won't beat most stuff using longer runs too, although the thin(ish) gauge may play a part here. I wouldn't want to run it over say 5m as the thicker stuff tends to perform better after that.
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    I'm Chris.


    CAT 6 works pretty well as well.

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