As part of a bigger project I’m putting together, I thought it might be good to put some context the Astro-images I've been taking for the last couple of weeks so I used my 50mm lens (nifty fifty) to take a panoramic shot from the balcony. This is overlooking the rooftops of the houses opposite, looking straight out from the balcony.

Unfortunately, the lens couldn't really handle being wide open at f1.8, as the stars in the corners are elongated and pretty rubbish.

Nevermind, it still gives a reasonable idea of what the Milky Way looks like without all the light pollution. I’ll do it properly at f4.0 next time.

Here’s a ‘marked up’ panorama, together with some detailed frames, all captured from my balcony during lockdown.

Veil Nebula Complex

Sadr & The Butterfly

North America Nebula

Elephant’s Trunk Nebula.

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