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Thread: Dr Feickart and the Audio Note Arm 1 V2

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    I'm Martin.

    Default Dr Feickart and the Audio Note Arm 1 V2

    At last I have secured a Dr F protractor to set up/check the set up the above arm with the almost " mandatory" Denon 103R
    Previously I had used the AN alignment protractor ......Just a piece of card but was unimpressed with the result.

    Using the Dr.F I found that the spindle to pivot distance of 222mm was almost spot on but the overhang was way too short i.e. 5-7mm out And this was following AN instructions
    It will need checking again to make sure that all is well but the results show considerable improvement

    Hooray for the good Dr F
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    I'm Charlie.


    Glad you got it sorted Martin. This just emphasises the need to have the correct tools to set up a cartridge to perform at its best. The Feickert is a great protractor.
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    Yes I have the good Dr.'s protractor and would not settle for anything less.
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