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Thread: Boot Sale 2021

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    Nice haul there, Barry! Del and I were tidying up and categorising all the classical LPs we have on vinyl, and putting them not only in main alphabetical order, but in terms of symphonies, concertos, etc, and composers - all 1500 of them (not including box sets)!

    So that was fun And we did the same with the rest of the vinyl, amounting to 2500, of rock, pop, jazz, folk, blues, electronic albums - you name it, not to mention 500 12" singles, from the 80s, all now properly categorised in alphabetical order (of artist and/or band) and genre.

    But it now means that in the music/hi-fi room, I can, at a glance and within seconds, now find everything I need, instead of the bollox it was before!

    And the same was done with the 2500 CDs we've got, which was equally as much 'fun'! A job well done, though...

    You know what it's like, when you've got that much stuff, it it's not tidy and organised, you end up never listening to half of it! I discovered about 100 brand new albums, still unopened and in their wrappers, which were buried somewhere, I'd forgotten I'd bought!

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    Went to my first car boot sale in 18 months and the only thing of any vague interest was a pair of Akai SW-161a speakers, so I came home empty-handed.

    Probably for the best!
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    Gave up boot sales years ago. I got fed up with looking at grubby toys, knackered hedge trimmers and hoovers, part used tins of paint, old clothes and all the other ugly, useless old crap!
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    I only really look out for CDs, and the odd bit of vinyl.

    This morning wasn't too bad - new and unopened copy of Mike Oldfield's "Earth Moving" for a fiver, CDs of Prodigy "The Day is my Enemy" (brand new), Radiohead's "In Rainbows" and Mike Oldfield "Platinum", all three for a quid. Making a grand total of £6.

    Which was 3 quid less than I paid for a Stanley Fat Max tape measure there. I do get through a lot of tapes, getting a good one has been a lengthy procedure, so I'm hoping this Stanley one will measure up to my expectations... I'll get me coat
    I just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in

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    Measure up, lol...
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    Default Boot Sale 2021

    Was up at 6am for a car boot sale today and we set our stall up by torchlight in the dark, which was a first!

    Had a great morning - came home £150 richer and with a lot more space in the car.

    Only one purchase and they could be interesting. They’re a pair of Truvox LS120 speakers which are a new one to me, although I know the Truvox name as their former service manager has run a vintage electronics shop in Southampton since god was a lad and I’ve known him for over 30 years. Anyway, they looked very 1960s and were impressively weighty and when I was told they were 50p for the pair, I grabbed them!

    Back at the car, I prised the grilles off to find a brace of Celestion drivers including HF1300 tweeters. All cleaned up now and ready for testing but I’m tired and it’s beer o’clock now…

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    Engineers: fixing problems you didn't know you had in ways you don't understand.

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    for ten bob that's amazing.
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    Similar to Ditton 10. Look good.
    Conspiracy theories are only perpetuated because people go looking for them!

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    You've done well.
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