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Thread: A really nifty little amp

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    Default A really nifty little amp

    I discovered this little Fiio A1 portable headphone amp while looking for something to do a better job of driving my Sennheiser ear buds.
    The first thing that surprised me was the size of it, tiny little thing, smaller than a Zippo lighter. It's nicely made and a good, simple layout. It comes with a USB charging cable and two cables to connect it to your source device, one short and one long. It also comes with a plastic belt clip plus a spare one (they are rather flimsy and wouldn't take much to break) and full instructions etc.
    Recharge time is around forty minutes and although the manual states thirteen hours use on one charge the most I've managed is around five hours. It is cable connection only with no facility for Bluetooth or wifi.
    The sound quality was the biggest surprise, clear and totally unstressed but adding the weight and sense of space neither my phone or laptop could manage on their own. Even at higher volume levels it keeps it's head and just gives you enjoyable music without becoming scratchy. Also it's dead quiet, no hum or other background noise. The only negative comment, and it's pretty minor is that if you are blessed with large fingers the buttons are a bit fiddly but you soon get used to it.
    All things considered it's a great little amp, certainly at the very good price of 29.99 from Amazon.

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    I'm BigBobJoylove.


    Fiio make some cracking devices, in particular their DAPs. I've had a few and they were staggeringly good.
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