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Thread: Fuses ( Iíve never tried them for sq improvement)

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    I was being sarcastic about supposed fuse directionality and about Country and Western music in general. In my view C&W is maudlin and mawkish - it's all about your girlfriend walking out on you and the dog dying. Now what what would happen if things were reversed?

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    The report is well and good except it doesn't tell the reader why so it's best use is chip wrapper. For all of you who think fuses or the lack of them makes any difference at all remember that your incoming mains supply has an electricity board fuse which is commonly 60A, or 80A or 100A which doesn't belong to you so legally you can do nothing with, even if that made any difference. Fuses are just about the worst hifi con perpetrated on the gullible and I will continue think so until anyone can prove a physical phenomenon that's measurable. This is electricity and nothing to do with the brains perception of audio quality. If the mains has spurious noise or Dc offsets I would expect the power supplies in the equipment to deal with it.
    Yours in engineering knowledge.

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    Along similar lines to Marco's hard wired, no fuse......
    I use IEC C13 distribution block and IEC male to female leads to each appliance, drastically reducing the number of fuses.
    The distribution block has a fused plug where it is connected to the mains supply for safety.

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