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Thread: Serious question. Hearing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    Back in the 1980s when 5 band equalisers were quite common on midi-systems you'd more often than not see them set to 'smiley face.'
    That's how I liked them. But none were at or below zero, after all you want more of everything if you can get it

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    lol yeah they could have just left off the negative settings and saved a few quid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pieoftheday View Post
    If you dont fancy a regular hearing aid you could look at a bone conductive one,they can fit on your glasses I tried a cheap Chinese one and found it incredibly natural, I lost it when we decorated
    Mrs. P would have spotted the lump under the wallpaper straight away. She not only has hearing like a bat, she has eyes of a hawk
    I just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in

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    I've just listened to an amazing radio program on BBC 4 about sensory perception, I highly recommend listening to it if you can access it.
    After listening I searched for Prof David Eagleman online and eventually found his commercial offerings.
    It so happens that the device is proven to work on tinnitus. It's not cheap and doesn't appear to be available in the UK yet but I thought I'd post as it's such an interesting area of research.

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    The programme, which did not impress me, was on R4; I listened thrice.

    I was not impressed by the contributors, and know that Jim Alalili has on BBC4 on a programme on gravity, stated serious errors.

    There has been an increasing tendency for a certain subsect of academia to not only use media as a showcase for themselves, but also for there to be much mutual ingratiating during programmes.

    There is a professor of mathematics who keeps saying 'like', mid sentence, and in a way which is not consistent with correct grammatical usage.

    There are a few examples of very good academics, and one is Dr Sam Willis; very articulate, correct intonations and sensibilities, and humble.

    I think, in common with our society, academia has become dumbed down, but of course it is possible to attempt to discredit my opinions because I do not have a degree.

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