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Thread: A system for under a grand ?

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    Default A system for under a grand ?

    Hi all, fancy spending somebody else's money ?

    A friend's taking baby steps into hifi and asked if he could get a decent CD and vinyl system for 1,000.
    He's not keen on used equipment, so I've thought the following might work but interested in suggestions if you're game.

    NAD 316 amp / Nad 538 CD player / Pro-ject Essential III turntable / Accoustic Energy 100 speakers.

    As best as I can tell the Nad has a phono stage, and I can lend him some leads.
    He also wants a cassette deck but I'm not even sure if they're made anymore.

    Fancy pitching in............ ?
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    1000 - new or used?

    Upgraded Lenco GL75 with new tonearm and decent AT cartridge 495
    Rotel RA-920AX 95
    Speakers - maybe a pair of vintage JBL L19 300

    Plus 100 for a CD player
    PS: I have no association with the sellers of the items
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    Quote Originally Posted by topoxforddoc View Post
    1000 - new or used?
    Quote "He's not keen on used equipment"

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    TEAC still make a tape deck but it's a big chunk of the budget https://www.amazon.co.uk/TEAC-W-1200...775203&sr=8-10
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    When the shops finally open again I'd take a trip to Richersounds, and possibly Currys to see what they've got to offer. The Wharfedale diamond 12.x series may be worth a look. I wouldn't turn my nose up at giving a Denon, Yamaha or Teac etc mini system a listen either.

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    Although your friend's not keen on used I would look at these speakers
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    Quote Originally Posted by Firebottle View Post
    Although not keen on used i would look at these speakers
    I'm the complete polar opposite, if you do some digging you can get some great used equipment far better than what's been suggested by the OP, more importantly that if you decide something isn't for you and you want to sell you're not going to lose money on as you will probably be able to sell it for what you paid for it, something you won't be able to do with new kit unless you get the bargain of the century.

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    Well I make NAD 316 amp / Nad 538 CD player / Pro-ject Essential III turntable / Accoustic Energy 100 speakers closer to 1100 so here goes:

    Rega Planar 1 turntable (with a view to upgrading the cartridge asap)
    Rega IO amplifier (or Denon PMA600NE if matching amp and cd is more acceptable, but that may need the Planar 1 plus as I don't think it has a phono stage?)
    Dali Spektor speakers - plus some cheap stands?)
    Denon DCD 600NB CD player
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    I know a lot of people hate seeing measurements, but from someone who tries to design their own speakers (me) - I like what I see here. From other 'recent' measurements I've seen, I think Wharfedale know what they are doing, unlike a lot of manufacturers who don't seem to have a clue (modern day Kef for example):

    https://www.audiosciencereview.com/f...-review.16752/ (129 from Richersounds). I'd definitely listen to a selection of the Wharfedale models if it were me.


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    You can't buy a good turntable for less than $1000 new. Period. That's the biggest issue. But then again bang for buck you can do really well for $1k used, and really disappointing for new.

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