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Thread: A system for under a grand ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pigmy Pony View Post
    The Edifiers also look pretty cool imo. Also agree about Richer Sounds - always so helpful, no matter how little you're spending
    They are exceptional speakers and very flexible.

    Agreed with Richer Sounds. Some Hi-Fi shops can be very 'huffy' if one's budget is small, but RS are always accommodating. Of course, they know that when one is on the slippery slope there's bound to be repeat custom.
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    So, what are the learns from this so far ?

    1) £1,000 is a considerable sum of money
    2) Music systems can take up quite a lot of space and don't necessarily look nce.
    3) You should probably speak to your Significant Other before discussing sh1t like this with your mates.

    I think that's everything she said.

    Grateful for the input, it's been genuinely helpful and I fully expect will be reviewed in a couple of weeks, possibly after a bedroom's been painted and Foo'd. If nothing else, my mate who's a big music fan, has come to realise the wealth of options available and has been pretty enthused with the project.

    I wouldn't have been aware of the active speaker route, and a mini Rega system looks VERY tempting. I had a Brio and Apollo some time ago and was very happy with them.
    The Wharfdales look like a great call too, and cheaper than my Accoustic Energy idea.

    Plus after some thought and following the links attached, the second hand route proved to be more tempting too, so maybe a Partner Induced Hiatus will turn out to be a positive.

    I'll be sure to let you know the end result.
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    Another speaker that measures very nicely and is also active, is the JBL 306P. They are £159 each over at Amazon, but that saves quite a bit on the amplifier. I'm tempted to get some for my pc, although I think they're a bit OTT for my needs (Youtube videos mostly).


    And the 8" version look even better for not much more (only £179 each at andertons.co.uk): https://www.audiosciencereview.com/f...-review.17338/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Folsom View Post
    You can't buy a good turntable for less than $1000 new. Period. That's the biggest issue. But then again bang for buck you can do really well for $1k used, and really disappointing for new.
    Thatís a bit harsh and highly subjective. The guys basically a beginner and youíre already scaring him off!

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    Also, buying a new cassette deck is madness. I bought aDenon on eBay for a friend of mine for £20 and it’s perfect, so if he really wants one, why don’t you do the finding for him? I gave mine a wipe over, cleaned the heads and pinch roller and my mate is delighted, all for the price of a few soon to be allowed beers ��

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    Quote Originally Posted by topoxforddoc View Post
    £1000 - new or used?

    Upgraded Lenco GL75 with new tonearm and decent AT cartridge £495
    Rotel RA-920AX £95
    Speakers - maybe a pair of vintage JBL L19 £300

    Plus £100 for a CD player
    PS: I have no association with the sellers of the items
    Well it's got to be said, this is far and away the best suggestion. As someone said you can't buy a 'proper' tt for less than £1k, well here's proof you can. Rotel make great little amps and will work well with those Tannoy's. They all look in good nick and if I were the op I'd be talking some sense in my friend, because if there is anything there he doesn't like in the next month or two he won't lose much, if anything, on any of these items.

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    Grateful for the ongoing suggestions, they're being filed away for future use. My guy's gone a bit quiet but I'm pretty sure he'll reappear soon. We generally catch up at gigs so can go months without contact, and of course that's not happening currently.

    Anyone else have single purpose mates ? I've got one friend who I only ever see when the Coen brothers have a new film out.
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