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Thread: ALLO Boss DAC - Worth It?

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    I'm Stuart.


    previously owned a Pi 4 with BOSS DAC v1.2, although I appreciate that the v2 is now out which I have no experience of.
    purchased a Schiit Modi 3 and connected to the Pi by USB and preferred the overall SQ (USB to Schiit) when compared to the BOSS 1.2. I would not disagree with a previous comment about it seeming a little bassy.
    Have since moved on to a Schiit Modius DAC and an ALLO Digione Signature HAT. The jump in overall SQ has been significant to the point that I have no intention of making any changes to the streamer in the foreseeable future.
    Oh, and only today an ALLO Nirvana PSU turned up which I now have connected.
    PS just noticed that the original question was posted several months ago so the OP may well be sorted by now.

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    I'm Peter.


    Personally I can't fathom how a DAC could be bassy. What do the specs show?

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