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Thread: CD player or DAC upgrade

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    I'm gerald.

    Default CD player or DAC upgrade

    I am getting so fed up with the price of vinyl I have gone back to cd`s .
    I have a Creek Evo cd player and a Beresford Bushmaster tc7530 with the upgrade kit fitted .
    Am I going to gain anything by upgrading one or the other out of interest ?

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    I'm Kevin.


    I changed from an upgraded Caiman SEG to a RME ADI DAC 2 FS and the difference was not subtle, but neither was the price difference.

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    I'm Phil.


    most certainly worth trying another dac , jolida if you can find one are very analogue and very popular
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    I'm michael.


    Hi there I had a Bushmaster for years I thought I would make a change and try a SMSL Sanskrit 10 Mk2 the difference was stunning this dac punches well above it's price I was stunned at the detail it brings to my music and streaming cant go wrong for about 100 but make sure to use the external power option,

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    Definitely do the DAC, the player itself will have less bearing on the sound than the conversion side.
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    Jolida didn’t last long with me, rolled lots of valves, flat and lifeless to me.

    Just for fun blow 25 on a JustBoom.

    Topping range, choose the one that suits your pocket.

    Soncoz has a few models.

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    I'm Phil.


    fascinating , defo not flat and lifeless here !!!
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    Topping E30 if you don't want to 'risk' much money. Give it an iFi power supply and its knocking on most sub 400 competition.
    Soncoz is a great suggestion too they have models at 200 and 430 budget. I have the 430 SGD1 and its a keeper. Balanced outputs on both and very low noise modern circuitry.
    Had a Jolida for years too, do miss its 'analogue/warm' presentation. Different to the above as the tubes influence the sound. Depends on what you like.

    Solid recommendations from the guys which I have positive experiences of.
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    Bought a Gustard A18 from Shenzhen Audio last week. Very good indeed and delivered from China in 3 days, free shipping, no import costs.

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