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Thread: What's your oldest fully working never been repaired CD player

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    I'm Paul.

    Default What's your oldest fully working never been repaired CD player

    Hi all

    Going through a box of old documents for my various Hi-Fi items got me wondering.
    One of my CD players a Pioneer PD-4300 bought new in 1988 is still going strong after 32 years of quite heavy use and never been repaired, and never missed a beat.

    Is it doing well or quite common for an 80's CD player to still be working, most of the 90's players I know of with my friends etc all died within 5 years, were the original players better or am I just lucky.

    Current setup Thorens TD-160 Mk1 with Denon DL-110 MC Cartridge, Pioneer A-70 Amp, Pioneer PD-8700 CD Player, Yamaha AX-592 Amp, Yamaha CDX-810 CD Player, Yamaha KX-480 Cassette Deck, Yamaha TX-492RDS Tuner, Monitor Audio Bronze 5 speakers, Van-Damme Cables throughout.

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    I'm Barry.


    I am still using a Philips CD 850 from about the same time period.

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    I'm Gary.


    Iíve started using a NAD 5420 in my upstairs room; like many people, Iíve been working from home for a few weeks. So you could refer to it as my office system!

    I think the NAD goes back to the late 1980ís

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    I'm Mike.


    Marantz CD52 SE here.

    Not used in anger for years but still working fine last time it tried it a few months ago. Bought around 1991 after we were burgled and I lost all my record collection, went CD with the insurance money.

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    I'm Geoff.


    My Meridian 507 was bought new around 2002, but my Trichord 'Digital Turntable' transport is considerably older, as are the couple of Pioneer PD-S505 Precision players I have. I like them all equally and they sound just fine to me. I only use the players as transports.
    Repeat after me 'I must not look on ebay! I must not look on ebay! I must not look on ebay! I must not look on ebay!

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    I'm Martin.


    Marantz CD54 - it will be thirty six years old this year.
    Current Lash Up:

    *Audiolab 6000CDT* Topping E30 * Philips 22AH380 pre-amp * NAD C320BEE power amp * JM Lab Electra 926 *

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    I'm Ian.


    My 2 system has a 1989 version cd50 which i picked up for a fiver, as long as its played a few times a year itd fine. Bit hit and miss while it warms up if its been left for months without use

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    I'm Andy.


    My oldest is a Technics SL-PJ28A - from '92
    Still a youngster at 28 years young
    Main system:

    Philips DCC 730
    Technics SL-PJ28A CD Player
    Michell Orbe with arm decoupling kit & Pete's Pylons. Acrylic replacement patter, SME V. Goldring Elite MC and Firebottle OTP MKII Phono Amp
    Lenco L75 in Birch ply plinth. Linn Basik Plus. Denon 103M cart plus 12 inch wooden tone arm with A&R P77 cart through a Cairn Boost Phono Amp
    Network Player.
    Raspberry PI plus R2R DAC (also used as a CD player) plus Pi NAS Server
    Pure Sound A30
    Reiver Jenna floor standers
    Sennheiser HD545 Ref, HD600, HD477
    Headphone Amp
    Myryad Z40 (also used as a pre amp)
    Backup Speakers.
    TDL RTL2, Some home made concoction...
    Backup Amps
    Audiolab 8000a, Armstrong something or other, Amstrad Quadraphonic something or other, home built EL34 power amps.....

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    I'm Kevin.


    My Pioneer PD-S703, probably bought around 1994 after winning the What HiFi awards.
    It was partnered with a Kenwood KS3020SE amplifier, which also won a What HiFi award in the same year.

    Too busy enjoying the music....

    European loan coordinator for Graham Slee HiFi system components..

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    I'm Martin.


    My old Akai cd m88 is still going strong in the hands of my brother, I bought it for £400 in 1984 from a hifi shop in the hyde park area of Leeds after being on a trip to Leeds railway station where they had a demonstration of this new technology, the only choice at that time was a Philips 104 or the Akai and the Akai grabbed me as the best, so off to the phone box and rang around till I found one and went to buy it, then off to HMV in Leeds to be alarmed at the small selection of cd's and bought 3 cd's can only remember one of them Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair, when I first played it I thought it was brilliant...makes me realise how old I am and still as impatient when I want something...LOL

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