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Thread: Constant power-switching

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    Default Constant power-switching


    I am enjoying my system using this preamp by Pro-Ject, Pre box s2
    It is a very simple box, only weighs 400 g.

    I have bought a 20000mah power-bank and plan to use it with the preamp.

    But I have heard many times, that constant switching of power on hi-fi equipment is NO GOOD for the
    device, since it STRESSES THE TRANSISTORS.
    But using a powerbank, it will be running empty atleast every week, and I will be forced to disconnect
    it, charge it, then reconnect it, over and over and over again.

    I am afraid that this is a tough question, to which probably only long-time-experiments can give a good answer,
    but I am annoyed by the perspective of misuse.

    Perhaps the stressful power-switching is more harmful on the more powerful devices, such as power-amplifiers,
    and integrated amplifiers? And not so much issue on the lightweight preamp?
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