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Thread: Any experience of the RME ADI-2 DAC ?

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    I'm Simon.


    Same page Macca, there's nothing worse than someone you don't know showing initiative ....

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    I'm BigBobJoylove.


    Quote Originally Posted by Macca View Post
    Letting any non-enthusiast use your system is a mistake unless you have given them a one hour training course followed by practical and written examinations with a 90% score required to pass

    I had a lodger's brother staying one time, I got home from work and stuck a record on 'This don't sound right.'

    Went to investigate, deck was set on '45', the tracking weight was way off, the anti-skate way off. Turned out the bloke had tried to play a record but didn't realise that to make the platter turn you had to lift the arm. So he'd twiddled every single knob and adjustment possible, got no result and then just left it without saying a word to anyone.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stranraer View Post
    The same scenario in this house would definitely be my fault, regardless of circumstance.
    I don't take any nonsense.
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    I'm David.


    Yep, one of the big downsides of a cherished hifi is other bloody people in the vicinity, or even suggesting a visit.
    Mine's in the living room where visitors crash if they're staying over, and I need mucho booze to sleep well in those circumstances.
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