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Thread: Crap Weather for February!

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    I'm Geoff.


    Same as the clock in my car. That's always left on summer time (hard to believe I've had the car for seven years).
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    I'm Steve.


    February is finally on it's way out, and leaving me with a lot of warm sunshine, after a chilly start. Shame I can think of bugger all to do with it. Can't take the Pony express out for a run, so my "fit into my bike leathers" diet is losing momentum Time for a bacon butty with HP sauce.
    I just dropped in, to see what condition my condition was in

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    I'm Martin.


    Sunny here again. Supposed to get up to 10c

    Next week to be colder with highs of 6c. Sunshine every day though.
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    I'm BigBobJoylove.


    I think we should change the thread to 'gorgeous weather for February'. Been blummin' lovely here!

    Saying that it is March tomorrow anyway.

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