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Thread: Equipment racks - is the cost justifiable?

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    I'm Phil.

    Default Equipment racks - is the cost justifiable?

    Looking around for a new rack for my gear at the moment, but am massively reluctant to pay the asking price of some of the items on offer.

    Atacama, Hi-Fi Podiums and the like are asking £150-£200 per shelf; whilst I understand that quality materials are involved, they’d need to be hewn from the skeleton of a virgin unicorn to genuinely command the prices being asked.

    Does anyone understand the reasoning behind the price points?

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    I'm Kevin.


    They charge what people are willing to pay.
    Get a rack made by a chippie, and it would probably be cheaper.

    Too busy enjoying the music....

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    Make your own. I have no experience, made my own, it looks ok. Cheaper than spending silly amounts.

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    I just use normal AV racks for mine; flat packed jobs. I’ve never heard any audible difference between normal furniture and hifi furniture (except that acrylic stuff that’s very bendy and wobbly - that made a heck of a difference!).

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    If you are happy gong it a try make your own. For example wooden shelves and legs a bit like hifi racks. Hardware available on ebay.

    Sometimes decent racks come up secondhand, if wooden any ‘dings’ can be repaired or lived with.

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    I made mine from four larger diameter broom handles, and MDFG shelves, all polyurethaned and used spikes from Wilmslow.

    Everyone laughed during the process, but now they think differently and say it looks good and is well made.

    And I think commercially it has become another milking racket.

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    Should you fancy a bit diy then you might be interested in this



    I hope it helps



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    Phil if you knock up a rough drawing with sizes my son in law makes bespoke furniture.I have shown him some units and he laughed at the prices what they charge for them If intrested send me a pm and I will send you my email address and get a price for you

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    Default Equipment racks - is the cost justifiable?

    I use IKEA Lack coffee tables with legs cut to size, £17 per table

    Ok some will say to watch the legs as they are hollow but they are pretty strong even cut down.

    My power amp is 33kg and the TT is about 15kg at a guess, no issues.

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    The construction of the rack might affect - in fact almost certainly will affect - the sound of a turntable. For any other component it won't matter at all.
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